Go Rogue: Everywhere you can't smoke

What is Rogue?

Rogue is a full line of 100% tobacco leaf-free nicotine products that give you the freedom to enjoy nicotine on your terms. Available in gum, lozenges, quick-dissolving tablets and pouches, in a variety of flavors and strengths, Rogue delivers the bold nicotine you want, exactly when and where you want it.

Go Rogue and never go without nicotine again.

100% Tobacco Leaf-free Nicotine

Quick-dissolving Tablets

For the impatient nicotine user.


Nicotine in a variety
of breath-freshening flavors.


Dissolves for pure
nicotine satisfaction.

Where are you going?

No, not in life.
We mean like, right now.
Or tonight. Or this weekend.

You're going somewhere. And you bet your cigarette butts that it's somewhere "smoke-free." Yay. Work. A bar. A concert. A flight. Even your own house. Good thing you found Rogue, so no matter where you go you can get your nicotine on demand. 100% tobacco leaf-free nicotine, Rogue is for everywhere you can't smoke or vape. Which today is, well, everywhere.